Fountains & Aeration

Clearwater Lake & Pond is constantly striving to promote healthy, balanced aquatic ecosystems for the benefit of the environment and for the enjoyment of all who live in and around lakes and ponds. With that goal in mind, an oxygen-rich environment is critical in maintaining a long-term, ecologically balanced pond. That is where proper pond aeration comes into play.

Aeration works by mixing the entire water column, and thereby introducing oxygen to the bottom layers of the pond. This reduces stratification (thermal layering) within the water column, making it more suitable for fish and other aquatic organisms. In addition, nutrients are bound up in the sediment and are less available for algae and excess weed growth.

Fountains on the other hand, add eye-catching flare to your pond but are mainly for aesthetic purposes. Fountains only pull water from the top 3-4ft of the pond and do not create sufficient circulation or oxygenation. Pond owners that want the added aesthetic value are encouraged to install both diffused-air aeration and fountains.

Like all other components of a pond, aerators and fountains need routine maintenance to ensure they are operating efficiently. Clearwater Lake & Pond can help you design, install, and maintain your aeration systems and fountains!


Trever Cardea - Owner




HOA 2HP Fountain