Just like your lawn, ponds and lakes require routine maintenance to stay healthy and attractive year-round. Lake and pond issues are much easier and cheaper to correct when they are small. If a problem is allowed to go uncorrected for a longer period of time, it can be exponentially harder to correct. Thats why we stay proactive when it comes to aquatic management. A monthly maintenance account with Clearwater is by far the most cost effective way to go for your water body.

We know that all lakes and ponds are unique. Thats why we work with you to develop an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan specific to your needs


We visit your lake or pond up to 20 times per year! That means that an aquatic professional is checking over your pond twice a month during the growing season! (usually March-October) - While we are on site, we address any issues that may need our attention:

  • Algae & aquatic weed control

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Aerator and/or fountain preventative maintenance 

  • Pond dye applications

  • Litter pick up

  • Inlet/Outlet inspection

  • Dam inspection

All included in one monthly fee! It's your worry-free management program that keeps your lake or pond in pristine condition year-round! 

***SCM's and stormwater practices are also available for monthly maintenance. Please contact us for more info on stormwater management programs.***


Trever Cardea - Owner