Shoreline Restoration

If your looking for a picturesque setting with some eye-appeal, then "shorescaping" is  what your pond needs.  

Shorescaping is a landscaped shoreline buffer that uses plants adapted to aquatic environments. The same plants used to beautify your pond also helps protect it. One solution to provide multiple benefits!

  • Shorescapes add excellent aesthetics and increase your property value

  • Shorescaping reduces shoreline erosion – Plants slow the runoff velocity down and the roots help hold the soil in place

  • Provides water quality protection – Biogeochemical processes remove pollutants before they get to your pond.

  • Established shorescapes can slow the spread of nuisance vegetation by: nutrient removal, shading the pond edges, and reducing the area for weeds to take root.

  • Shorescapes support diverse and healthy ecosystems and provide habitat, shelter, and food sources for wildlife.

As part of our site visits, we keep ay eye out for any erosion “hot-spots” and repair them as necessary. Erosion issues can dramatically increase the sediment load in your pond and potentially cause problems at inlet/outlet structures.

Call or email us to see how shorescaping can provide multiple benefits to your pond!


Trever Cardea - Owner